Eagle Transportation Services

Eagle Transportation Services, Inc., founded in 1988, is a broker based in Gainesville, Georgia. Eagle focuses on truckload retail merchandise and refrigerated food products. Our people pride themselves on superior customer service with competitive pricing. Our vendor and customer relationships are based on mutual benefit and trust.

Although, as a broker, Eagle is primarily non asset based, we do control a dedicated fleet of equipment. We focus on the truckload market, both dry and refrigerated. The bulk of our refrigerated business is conducted in the southeast and east coast regions of the United States. However, we certainly have the experience and capacity to move refrigerated freight throughout the entire 48 contiguous states.

Eagle’s dry and truckload business takes us throughout the United States. We provide coast to coast as well as regional service. We have team and solo service on a spot market basis as well as long-term contract basis. We are experienced in both live loading and unloading and trailer pool transportation scenarios.

Our 20 years in the transportation business has fine-tuned our focus on service and communication. We strive for perfect service but understand problems will occur. Accurate and timely communications go a long way to reduce the impact of service failure. We aim for 100% service metrics and deliver on full communication.

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